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The book gathers the speeches delivered by Malta’s Prime Ministers, Ministers, and Representatives in the General Debate of successive sessions of the United Nations General Assembly over a period of 50 years. Composed of all the representatives of the 193 Member States of the United Nations, each country with one vote, the General Assembly presents a unique forum for multilateral deliberations overseeing and reviewing issues of relevance and concern to the international community. The aim of the book, therefore, is to  serve as a tribute to and a legacy of the dedication and commitment of all those that have contributed to Malta’s foreign policy in the first 50 years of its Membership of the United Nations.

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Title: 50 years (1964-2014) Malta’s Foreign policy with Dedication and Commitment
Author: Saviour F. Borg
Hardcover: 430 pages
Language: English
Published: December 2015
ISBN: 978-99957-0-861-0
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50 Years of Malta's Foreign Policy (1964-2014)

2014 marks a watershed of anniversaries for Malta. Malta celebrated four important anniversaries during 2014: the Fiftieth Anniversary of Independence - 21st September 1964, the 40th Anniversary of Republic Day - 13th December 1974, the 35th Anniversary of Freedom Day - 31st March 1979, and the 10th Anniversary of Membership of the European Union - 1 May 2004.

Yet, another anniversary which Malta celebrated in 2014 was the 50th Anniversary of when Malta became a State Member of the United Nations Organisation. Malta’s Membership projects in no uncertain terms the valid role played and the contribution made by Malta since it became a Member State of the Organisation fifty years ago.

The United Nations has served Malta well during the past five decades. In turn, Malta has served well the United Nations and its System. It is now up to us and those that come after us to ensure that Malta will continue to make its Membership of the United Nations effective and pro-active. This can be achieved by strengthening Malta’s presence, leadership and contribution in support of the work, activities and programmes of the United Nations.

It is therefore with pride and satisfaction that I have decided to put together this publication with the hope that it will serve as a tribute to and a legacy of the dedication and commitment of all those that have contributed to Malta’s foreign policy in the first fifty years of its Membership of the United Nations.

Saviour F. Borg

“The initiative undertaken by Ambassador Saviour Borg contributes in no small way to the important milestone of Malta’s fiftieth anniversary as a Member of the United Nations.“

Hon. Dr. George W. Vella
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Malta

“His initiative to recall the important addresses given by Maltese Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers and Permanent Representatives dating back to 1964 is commendable. Each address is a reflection of Malta’s concerns and priorities in the international fora.”

Professor David J. Attard
Judge International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea Director of the International Maritime Law Institute

“This important publication highlights Malta’s proactive multilateral diplomacy track record at the United Nations and inspires serious reflection on the significance of co-operative security arrangements in post-Cold War relations.”

Professor Stephen Calleya
Director Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies

“Over the last 50 years Malta’s consistent commitment to honour its pledge to be useful in the pursuit of peace and brotherhood among nations has helped bring to the fore the role that small countries can play in international relations.”

Ambassador Victor Camilleri
Former Permanent Representative of Malta to the United Nations

About the Author

Ambassador Saviour F. Borg has served in Malta’s Foreign Service from 1977 to 2012 having joined the Maltese Civil Service in 1965. He is currently serving as an Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. From August 2007 to January 2012, he served as the Permanent Representative of Malta to the United Nations in New York also serving as the Rapporteur of the United Nations Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

From July 2003 to July 2007, Ambassador Borg served as the Permanent Representative of Malta to the United Nations Office, its Specialised Agencies and Other International Organisations with Headquarters in Geneva, including the World Trade Organisation, and Head of Malta’s Observer Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament, the Commission on Human Rights and its successor the United Nations Human Rights Council.

From April 1999 to April 2003, Ambassador Borg served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Malta to the People’s Republic of China, serving concurrently as Malta’s Ambassador to Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

From January 1997 to March 1999, Ambassador Borg served as Permanent Representative of Malta to the UNOV, UNIDO, IAEA, CTBTO, UNEP and OPCW.

Ambassador Borg was a Member of the Executive Staff in the Office of the President of the Forty-Fifth Session of the United Nations General Assembly when in 1990 it elected to the post the then Malta’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Guido de Marco.

From January 1983 to December 1984, Ambassador Borg served as Deputy Representative of Malta to the United Nations Security Council. In 1992 he was appointed as Director of the United Nations, International Organisations and Commonwealth Division and in February 1994 as the first Director of the Multilateral Affairs Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Borg has represented Malta in several International Conferences and Meetings. He is the author of various publications and articles in peer review journals.